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Anil Chitrakar

Anil Chitrakar / January 20, 2017

One word that captures the past three decades in Nepal is change. Some of the changes are for the better while others have created new challenges for this ancient country. While Nepal seeks stability on the political front, in conservation and the management of natural, built and cultural heritage, Nepal has become a leader for the world. Despite the earthquake of April 25, the economic blockade by India and over eight years of political transition, Nepal and her people have done quite well for themselves. Social and economic indicators are good and getting better. At Smiling Eyes we want to make sure that your trip to Nepal is really special and that you have a chance to get insight into what you are experiencing during your visit. For this we have put together a team of the best minds and skills.

Mr. Anil Chitrakar is one of those leading Nepalis who have been at the front of Nepal’s efforts to conserve and manage its globally unique natural, built and cultural heritage. Anil is part of the Smiling Eyes team that will ensure that your trip to Nepal is unique and truly enriching.

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